Hardware Liberation Hackathon

There are projects that were born to be free!

Bring your project, at any stage of development, and we will help you to set it free!

The hardware liberation hackathon integrates an international effort to promote concepts of hardware freedom and openness. It follows the recognition that documentation is the most important step in open sourcing a hardware project. This activity will take place during the Brazilian Meeting on Open Source Hardware and integrates the Documentation Days promoted by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA). Hardware developers that wish to liberate their projects and hackers willing to collaborate in their development are encouraged to attend.

Participants are invited to bring projects to the meeting at any stage of development: from initial concepts (ideas and sketches) to prototypes or completed projects in need of proper documentation.
The hackathon will happen according to the following:
  1. Introduction during e-HAL opening.
  2. Project showcase: participants will present their projects to potential collaborators
  3. Gathering in groups. Conversation rounds. Team formation. Each participant will introduce herself/himself, explain skills and aspirations within the project.
  4. Hacker consulting: experienced developers will offer suggestions on how to organize teamwork dynamics: website, communication channels, documentation version control, development tools and development platforms, good practices on documentation oriented hardware development
  5. Final round with project organization showcase