KiCad Hackathon

Many open source hardware projects are designed using proprietary tools. This can be attributed to the lack of mature free software CAD tools.

However KiCad is changing the game for electronic circuit design.

KiCad has been under development since 1992 by its original creators, but it was in 2006 that the developers community became global. On 2012 KiCad development gained a boost when CERN started to officially contribute to this tool through the BE-CO-HT Open Hardware initiative leaded by Javier Serrano. 

Two CERN members directly involved on the development of KiCad, Tomasz Włostowski, creator of the project White Rabbit and the developer of the feature "Push & Shove" in KiCad, and Maciej Sumiński (Orson), a programmer dedicates full time to the development of KiCad on CERN will join e-HAL's KiCad Hackathon. 

This hackathon is being locally organized by Garoa hacker Clube, a prominent hacker space in São Paulo. The theme and the dynamics of the Hackathon will be decided by the participants. The discussion has already been stared and happens every Wednesday at 18 pm at Garoa's library. Join us also at #garoa at